Polaris® Cellular Shades Fabric


Cellular shade fabrics, also known as honeycomb fabrics, is now the most popular window treatment material used in the US market. The beautiful and unique honeycomb structure of cellular shade fabrics features great heat insulation and energy saving.
Cellular shade fabrics is available in wide range of 25mm, 38mm, and 45mm cell sizes shown as below:


Cellular shade fabrics is also offered in light filtering, room darkening and sheer fabrics shown as below:

Polaris® Sheer Layered Shades Fabrics

The Sheer Layered Shade Fabrics

Sheer Layered Shade Fabrics, also known as Silhouette Fabrics, is the most modern type window treatment material. The fabrics is made of multiple soft looking vanes and two sheer panels. The special structure of the fabrics creates variety ways of shading.
Sheer Layered Shade Fabrics is available in 2” and 3” middle vane size show as below:


Sheer Layered Shade Fabrics is also available in light filtering and room darkening shown as below: