Teh Yor Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers specializing in the production of modern, and the latest design of Cellular Shade Fabrics, Sheer Horizontal Shades Fabrics, Aluminum Coils, Custom Made Cellular Shade and Aluminum Venetian Blinds.
Teh Yor Co., Ltd. was found in 1978 and logistically located in New Taipei City, and the sales office has located in the heart of the Taipei City for more than 30 years. Ever since the company was established, it has progressively advanced in latest technologies, manufacturing capabilities and services to exceed our customers’ expectations.
With our focus on skilled workforce with top notch talents, coupled with our integrated design capabilities, we are able to deliver a wide range of window blind products from custom-made to common products with ideal designs,
up-to-date decorative charms, suitable for all types of offices and residential usage.

Backed by a great team of dedicated human resources with high commitment to quality, we are committed to deliver and satisfy the increasingly demand projections